Obtain Canadian citizenship

The status of Canadian citizen opens all the doors of Canada to an individual and is the “holy grail” for any temporary resident or permanent resident wishing to live in Canada.

However, it is not easy to obtain this status, and the process can take time and be difficult depending on each situation.

How to claim Canadian citizenship

Canadian citizenship is generally obtained either by “droit de sol” at birth on Canadian soil, or by “droit de sang” (right of blood) for an individual born outside Canadian territory, with certain exceptions.

Another way to become a Canadian citizen is through the naturalization route.

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Permanent residence

The first essential element to qualify for Canadian citizenship is to have the status of permanent resident in good standing. For example, the applicant must not be under the threat of a removal order and must have complied, in particular, with their obligation to reside in Canada.

Language skills

The level of linguistic competence is also an essential point for obtaining Canadian citizenship. In fact, there are two official languages ​​in Canada: French and English. The ability to speak, read, and write at least one of these languages ​​is measured by a citizenship officer.

The citizenship test

There is also an exam that must be taken to obtain citizenship. It is reserved for people between 18 and 54 years old. The exam consists of answering approximately 20 questions relating to the rights and responsibilities of Canadians, as well as to the history, geography, economy, and various other aspects of Canada.

The exam is conducted in French or English depending on the candidate’s choice and lasts about 30 minutes.

These conditions are once again not exhaustive, and in order to know if you meet the eligibility conditions, we invite you to contact us to discuss your situation with a professional.

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This article contains general immigration information and does not constitute advice or legal guidance. For a full and detailed legal opinion as well as an assessment of your situation, contact our lawyer.

Alice Santamaria, immigration lawyer

Alice Santamaria has practiced exclusively in Canadian immigration law for several years in Montreal.

Passionate about defending her clients and the success of each immigration project, Me Santamaria represents each client by making sure to provide transparent, personalized, and professional service while maintaining a human approach.

Before becoming a lawyer, Me Santamaria completed a Master’s in International Law at the University of Montreal, worked at the United Nations in Geneva, and was involved in several associations fighting for human rights and defending the rights of immigrants and refugees.


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Canadian citizenship

The status of Canadian citizen opens all the doors of Canada to an individual and is the “holy grail” for any temporary resident or permanent resident wishing to live in Canada.


Permanent residence

Permanent residence is a status that allows an individual to settle freely in a province of their choice in Canada. He has the opportunity to live, work and study there, just like a Canadian citizen.

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